Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Although routine brushing and flossing have been the age-old customary practice to maintain healthy gums and teeth, teeth by external or internal means tend to lose their natural color. Cosmetic dentistry offers patients a means to improve and enhance the quality, appearance, and texture of their smile with teeth whitening procedures.

Why do patients resort to teeth whitening?

Discoloration of the teeth is a widespread dental concern among many. It not only affects the smile but is also known to affect one’s confidence. One of the common reason behind teeth discoloration is the lack of proper oral hygiene. As patients fail to follow regular oral hygiene habits, they are prone to face discoloration of the teeth. Some of the other factors that cause the same are consumption of colored beverages such as tea, coffee, or even wine. Tobacco is also a contributing factor for discoloration of the natural teeth. 

Patients needn’t worry as cosmetic dentistry has advanced to provide ways of correcting and improving the shade of your discolored teeth.

How does teeth whitening improve the shade of the teeth?

The enamel is the outermost and the hardest layer of your teeth. The enamel is comprised of several millions of pores that are capable of trapping stains over the course of time. A teeth whitening procedure can help to get rid of these stains. The mechanism of teeth whitening relies upon the reaction of hydrogen peroxide molecules of the whitening gel. Upon activating the gel with a UV light, they help to uproot hard stains that a typical dental hygiene routine cannot.

This is how an in-office teeth whitening procedure looks like. For more convenience and life-long assurance of a sparkling smile, we offer our patients the luxury of take-home whitening kits, too.

Custom trays

Although the process of teeth whitening can be completed in a single visit to our office, we provide patients with custom trays. Custom trays are plastic trays that fit perfectly over your teeth. The purpose of custom trays is to allow patients to apply the whitening gel at home without the need to visit a dentist’s office. Patients will be provided with over the counter whitening kits with custom trays to make the home whitening procedure much more comfortable and satisfying.

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